If you are looking for more than taking a tour, you may consider applying for volunteer work.
This is a great opportunity to learn about Japanese tea, but also about rural life in Japan. 

Meet our previous volunteers (from left to right and top to bottom : 
 Nate from Boston, Lucie from Paris (France), Ruth from Ghana, Johanna from Boston (U.S.A), Paola from Bolivia

 We deeply love tea and as farmers, we always do our best to deliver the highest quality to our customers... This is also true in the kitchen when we cook tea fusion cuisine, in the cafe when we offer tea tastings or during the tea tours, when we introduce the guest to Japanese tea.

d:matcha is a young tea business, family-owned and operated. Founders are tea farmers and agronomist.
We are looking for equally as passionate people that are eager to expand their knowledge about Japanese tea and culture. 

As a volunteer, you will be expected to take part in the following activities :

  • Tea tours

  • Tea farming

  • Community events

  • Social media and promotion

  • Website content (blog article,...)

  • Guest management

  • Cafe operations

  • Household maintenance

And since we are a small company, we encourage you to use your skills for projects or ideas of .your own. Any kind of initiative is welcomed, as long as it benefits d:matcha !

We will provide you with a comfortable place to stay (tatami mats with futon mattresses, bedding and linen will be provided) and all of your meals while you join us in whatever work that the season requires.

Whenever the opportunity arises, we will bring you along to experience local festivals or events.

To apply, please use this form and be sure to submit it at least one month before your desired start date 

Note : English fluency is required as well as travel insurance. Having a basic knowledge of Japanese language will definitely be helpful as you will have many opportunities to interact with our Japanese employees or locals


d:matcha Kyoto's address
Kyomachi-17, Kamatsuka, Wazuka, Soraku, Kyoto, Japan 619-1212

Tel: +81774748205

Email: info@dmatcha.com

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