Tea tours in Wazuka - Kyoto


Welcome to our tea fields in Wazuka !

From the cafe, we will drive up to sacred mount Jubu and hike up through the town’s winding streets surrounded by Japanese traditional houses. 

I will explain the process of tea farming, harvesting, maintaining tea fields, as well as the history of Wazuka and our debuts in the town as tea farmers.
In the tea field, we will show you how to pick the best tea leaves. Later, we will make something nice out of them.


Back at the cafe, you will experience the tasting of 6 different types of Japanese green tea. 

The tour is held in English. It is available for about 6 people and lasts 2 hours.

The price is 6,250yen/person.

1. Tea introduction

Do you know the different types of Japanese tea ? Have you ever tried Houjicha ? What does matcha grinding look like ?

We will start by sharing a nice tea together.
You will presented with different types of Japanese tea. We will give you easy tips to tell them apart. Then we will get ready for hiking.

Note : we can keep your luggage in a safe place during the hike and toilets are available. 

2. Guided visit to our
tea fields

Why the tea bushes are round-shaped ? How many times per year do you harvest ? Why do you cover the tea trees ? 

We have several tea fields and each of them has specific features (climate, soil type, history, elevation,...). You will learn how those factors influence the taste and the quality of tea. 
And later on, we will taste the differences !

Note : Hiking sticks are provided when needed. Hiking levels go from very easy to difficult

3.  Tea tasting and matcha whisking 

Do you want to know how Umami tastes like ? Or learn how to whisk your matcha like a pro ?  

Just like wine, tea can offer many different aromas (seaweed, spinach, fig, flower,...). And it carries the famous umami taste !
With 3 different kinds of sencha and 3 different kinds of matcha to taste, you will have a good overview of the large and complex aromatic palette of green tea.

We will also show you how to make matcha with a chasen (bamboo whisk).

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