Tea tours in Wazuka - Kyoto


Welcome to our tea factory in Wazuka !

Our Sencha factory is only five minutes away by foot from the Cafe. Along the path, we will see a beautiful scenery of rice paddy and tea farms. I will explain the process of tea farming, harvesting, maintaining tea fields, as well as the history of Wazuka and how we started as tea farmers. 

In the Sencha factory, I will go through each machines and describe the production process. 

Through the visit, I will share with you the story of our debuts in Wazuka when we started tea farming and opened our tea shop.

The tour is held in English. It is available for about 6 people and lasts 2 hours.
The price is 3,250yen/person.


1. Tea introduction

Do you know the different types of Japanese tea ? Have you ever tasted Gyokuro ? Do you know what Tencha is ? 

We will serve a welcome tea with an overview explanation of Japanese green tea

Note : we can keep your luggage in a safe place and toilets are available. 

2. Guided visit to the Sencha factory

How many leaves do you need to make 1 kg of finished tea ? What are the different steps ? How do you achieve the characteristic needle shape ? 

The Sencha processing factory is a traditional building made of wood and clay.


In the factory, we will go through each machine and tell you about the steps involved in the production process : steaming, rolling, and drying the tea leaves. 

Please note that all machines are stopped for safety reasons.

3.  Tea tasting - Sencha course

Want to know how Umami tastes like ? Or be able to tell astringency from bitterness ?

Just like wine or coffee, tea has many different aromas (seaweed, green, fruity, butter, floral, roasted,...). It has also the "Umami" taste (うま味) known as the 5th taste. 
During the tasting course, you will be presented with 3 different Sencha: Yabukita, Gokô and Okumidori. 

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