Did you know that half of Uji tea is from Wazuka ?

Once upon a time, hundreds years ago, one of the greatest Chaji (tea craftsman) of his generation discover a region hidden in the mountains, with morning fog and a rich soil, ideal for the growth of the most sensitive tea plants.
This place, located south of Uji-Tawara, birthplace of Uji tea has been named Wazuka town (和束町). It means “Tea Utopia” in Japanese.

Wazuka is famous as the hometown of Uji Tea and accounts for about half of the production of the famous Uji tea in Kyoto area. Wazuka’s tea (which includes Matcha and Kabuse Sencha) is one of the highest regarded teas in Japan. Some even say that Wazuka has the finest Uji tea plantations in Kyoto region because of the outstanding conditions in which it grows and the ancestral know-how that was kept alive through centuries.  

Today, over 300 farmer families live in Wazuka. They take care of the rows of evergreen tea fields that shape Wazuka landscape, the result of over 800 years of tea-production.

Wazuka's valleys are beautiful all year round – awakening in spring, filled with a rich green in summer, warm-colored in autumn, and sprinkled with occasional snowflakes during winter. 

It was designated and registered as the first of the Scenic Property of Kyoto Prefecture. It was also registered as one of the Japan Heritage in 2015.

We invite you to visit Wazuka and discover a traditional countryside Japanese town. Through our tea tours and activities (tea picking, tea tasting,...), we will show you the farms and factory where we make Uji tea. It will be a great opportunity to understand why Uji tea is prized not only in Japan but also over the world. But also to try several traditional local Uji teas, that are well-known for their intense Umami flavour and seaweed like aroma.

Note : Tea season is all year around but most of the work (tea tree pruning and harvesting, tea harvesting,...) is done in our tea farms between mid April to August.


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