My name is Daiki Tanaka,
my family and I are tea farmers in Wazuka. 

I am an agronomist who used to work in the corporate world. After quitting my job, I spend one year in Boston (USA) and came back to Japan to follow my passion for green tea and its cultural heritage. I started my own tea business, which I run with my wife, brother and our extended family.

I very much enjoy helping travelers from all over the world to discover the long-lasting traditions of Japanese tea while walking through the beautiful lands of Wazuka, its mountains, woods, rivers and awe-inspiring tea fields. 

Let's go on a tea adventure !

Busy cities can be overwhelming. We invite you to discover another side of Japan : the countryside. 
Within a short distance from Kyoto, Nara, and Osaka, you can access Wazuka, named one of the most beautiful village of Japan. The town has the ideal soil and climate for growing tea. It is filled with mountain and instagram-worthy tea fields. All tours and tastings are led in english. We are looking forward meeting you !

Hike to our organic tea field and learn how to pick tea leaves. (easy to moderate level hike)

Enjoy later a surprise treat and try out 3 different kind of sencha and 3 different kind of matcha.

〜 2-hour tour  


We will start tea picking on the morning, then enjoy tea tasting (sencha, matcha and a surprise treat) and finally proceed in the afternoon to the factory tour.

〜 5-hour tour 

d:matcha's address

Kyomachi-17, Kamatsuka, Wazuka, Soraku, Kyoto, Japan 619-1212

The meeting point for the tours is easily accessible from Nara (10 min train + 15 min bus), Kyoto (65 min train + 15 min bus) and Osaka (70 min train + 15 min bus)

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d:matcha Kyoto's address
Kyomachi-17, Kamatsuka, Wazuka, Soraku, Kyoto, Japan 619-1212

Tel: +81774748205


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